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Massage Sessions

Swedish Massage - The ultimate goal of Swedish massage is complete relaxation. Swedish massage improves circulation, decreases muscle toxins, and improves flexibility.

Deep Tissue Massage - This style massage is used to target connective tissues and muscles throughout the body. Deep tissue massage focuses on relieving pain and tension, reducing inflammation, increases circulation and breaks down adhesions in the body.

Oil Massage - Oil massage is used to get rid of negative thoughts while promoting healing, spiritual, and emotional balance.

Couples Massage - A couples massage allows partners to experience massage together. A couples massage can set the tone for a romantic experience because it's designed to enjoy some bonding time.

*Guasha and cupping are available with regular services.


Reflexology improves circulation in the feet and legs, boost the immune system and promotes lymphatic drainage.

Express Services

Head, Neck, Shoulders
Foot massage 

Do you experience stress? Fatigue? Visit Massageexpress where we specialize in Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage & other massage/bodywork services.